7 Fitness Tips to Get that Beach Body this Summer

2017-11-22 09:09:46

It’s February everyone. Time to dust off that workout gear and begin shedding those unwanted winter pounds we all packed on during our indoor hibernation. Summer in San Diego comes early, like mid-February early, and in order to confidently hit the beach this time of year, a bit of at home fitness is crucial. Everyone wants that fit beach body for their summer vacation to the beach. And since we live in and out of the water year-round. Check out these fitness tips for getting that summer beach body you always wanted. Free of charge of course.


For both men and women, the chest is an area of concern when it comes time to hit the beach. Whether it be to gain some desired mass or tone yourself up, basic chest workouts can really have a positive effect on your overall appearance and physique in a short period of time.

beach body fitness beach body fitness

Start off with some weighted dips, 3-5 times for 10-15 reps. Higher reps with lower weight will tone, rather than build, muscle. Then, move on to some basic fist push-ups. These will focus your chest and arms and get your blood pumping.


beach body fitness beach body fitness

Of course, rollouts are one of the better ways to work out the entire stomach while at home. They’re easy and take little to no time to complete a set of 10-15. Follow 3-5 sets with some knee ups to work those lower abs and rid your body of any love-handles before the season starts.

Don’t Forget the Glutes!

Out of all the workouts we’ve seen and tried over the years, there really is no better, or faster way, to strengthen and tone your lower half than the wide squat. Squats focus all the weight on thighs and butt and work to tone and remove any and all extra pounds from the holiday season.

beach body fitness kick out

Follow around 3-5 sets of 10-15 with some kickouts. These will work your core, butt and thighs as well. I mean, have you ever tried kickboxing? Quite an intense workout.


beach body fitnessbeach body fitness

Here’s something you can tone and build while all while having fun doing something else, like hiking. Uphill walking is one of the best ways to get your calves in shape for the summer. Indoors? No problem! Finish off your beach body workout with some calve raises or hop on the stair master and throw on your favorite playlist.


beach body fitness

Pepper your beach body workout with some fitness training in between sets. Have a jump rope handy and hit it as hard as possible for 30-60 seconds on both legs or one-on-one. It’ll keep your heart rate up while burning additional calories for the duration of your fitness training.

A Beach Body Requires a Clean Diet

Just because you’re diligent about hitting the gym every day or pushing yourself through a morning routine before work, doesn’t mean it’s open season on the empty calories and high fats. If you pay attention to surfers, volleyball players and the like, their diet is just as rigorous as their workout regimen. Eat plenty of healthy fats, fruits and vegetables; food that is easy to digest. And drink plenty of liquids. A beach body demands nourishment on top of physical maintenance.

Exercise Outside of the Gym

There are plenty of activities out there that can whip you into peak shape for the beach without having to feel like a workout. Hiking, biking, surfing, running, yoga, and paddle boarding are just a few that come to mind. Spending time outside and participating in physical activities on a regular basis is a well-kept secret to maintaining a beach body we here in Southern California keep to ourselves.

beach body fitness

So go ahead, go on a surf lesson, a paddle board tour or just get in the water and start swimming. You’ll be amazing how good you can look from just having fun.