A Guide to Purchasing the Right Pair of Yoga Pants

2017-11-22 07:52:40

Just like fingerprints, no two yogis are exactly alike. And the diverse selection of yoga pants available on the market these days certainly reflects this fact. Depending on your style, use, and personal preference, your perfect pair of yoga pants may be entirely different than your neighbor on the next mat. For these reasons, and to help those looking to break into this incredibility comfortable fashion we’ve established a guide to ensuring your hard-earned dollars aren’t wasted on a subpar pair of pants. Here’s how we’ve broken it down.

Low Stress, Low Maintenance

Looking for peace and tranquility after work? More fond of lounging than jumping right into a cardio routine? Not to worry. We recommend you take a look at drawstring yoga pants for a comfortable fit above all else. Drawstrings allow you to relax and enjoy movement with ease (if you decide to hit the studio after all).

yoga pants guide

For the Warrior and the Workhorse

If strength and sweat are your game, then look further than yoga pants with fitted leggings. Their tight, spandex nature feature the benefit of never getting in the way during most active and dynamic movements. Look for brands that feel so comfortable you don’t even know you’re wearing them. These come in plenty of styles and patterns too for the more colorful yogis around.

Yoga Pants for the Sake of Versatility

Why should the studio have all the fun? Who says you can’t enjoy the comfort of yoga pants out on the town or at work? Arguably the best, and most popular, pairs are in fact the ones you can wear just as comfortably around the town as in the studio. And with all the new styles and patterns out there, you’d be hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t suit your own personal taste.

yoga pants guide

Remember, yoga pants allow you to express your unique individually in an outward manner. Don’t settle for just any old pair. On the flip side, casual yoga pants are never a bad idea if you’re looking for comfort and practicality. And finally, it’s important to choose pants made from high-quality fabrics. Looks for blends of organic cotton and spandex to get the most out of your yoga pants without unexpected rips.