A Guide to the Beauty of The La Jolla Reefs

2017-11-22 07:49:58

Visiting San Diego and looking for some sightseeing options? Check out the famous La Jolla Reefs in the Southern Part of the county for an abundance of marine life and wave watching. The area is world-renowned for its beauty and pristine beaches. It’s also close enough to downtown La Jolla where you can get some shopping done or grab a bite to eat after a day in the sun. Here’s a list of spots you need to check out while you’re here.

la jolla reefs

La Jolla Cove

Starting from the north facing point of La Jolla is La Jolla Cove on the seaward end of the cliffs that for a small deep water bay. In and around the cliffs in this area are a multitude of sea caves that garner special fascination to kayakers, divers and snorkelers alike. It's quite the family friendly location on a calm day with a bit of an open beah, lifeguards on duty, and tranquil waters for snorkeling. Not to mention bathrooms, showers and picnic tables to boot.

Boomers, Shell Beach, and Seal Rock

Moving south you’ll encounter Boomers, Shell Beach, and Sea Rock. All in that order. Boomers is a wave strictly for bodysurfing, and you’re bound to see any number of swimmer out there on a given swell. A stairway at the south end of the park takes you down to Shell Beach where its namesake comes to life on a lower tide. The bigger attraction here is, of course, Seal Rock, where California Grey Seals gather when both the surf and tide are down.

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The Children’s Pool

Children’s Pool is a small sand beach fixated to the south of Seal Rock. You’ll often find seals hanging out here when the Seal Rock is washed out with high tides and surf. On a low tide, it’s a relaxing place to read a book, check out the tide pools or simply admire the beauty of the sea.

Casa Beach and Hospitals

Moving south still and out of the main La Jolla commerce center is Casa Beach, a slightly more turbulent beach with high waves and stronger currents. Though a wonder to watch from the shore, these waters off the La Jolla Reefs are best suited for the more advanced swimmers and divers. Hospitals, just around the next bend, offer additional rocks and vantage points for viewing and relaxing. There are even some benches for couples to watch the sunset. Also, when the tide is lower, it’s one of the best dive sites in the area.

Marine Street

Marine Street is a bit more difficult to find as the road leaves the coastline of the La Jolla Reefs after Hospitals. If you do find it, though, it’s one of the whitest beaches in the San Diego area. Typically, this beach is occupied by young adults and locals who take turns surfing and body surfing any number of the reef breaks here.

la jolla reefs


Probably to most well-known of the La Jolla Reef is Windandsea, a spot made famous by Tom Wolfe in his story The Pump House Gang. It’s a very easy spot to access and can get a bit localized at times, but if you’re just here for the scenery, there’s nothing to worry about as there’s ample rock space on a lower tide to admire the scene here.

South La Jolla Reefs: Big Rock Reef to PB Point

The rest of the coastline from Big Rock south through PB point features some brilliant coastline with forbidding cliffs and rocky shores. Take a drive south and stop an any number of stairways that lead down the cliffs onto the rocky shore at a low tide and discover the seafloor. There are no lifeguards on this stretch of coastline so caution should be exercised. However, it boasts some of the best sunset vistas around.