Best Bike Paths In San Diego For When The Surf's Flat

2017-11-22 07:45:59

Let’s face it, the surf doesn’t always cooperate with us surfers. Sometimes it’s the wind. Other times it’s a complete lack of swell in general. A flat spell; these can be trying times. I know growing up on the East Coast I experienced my fair share of flat spells that would sometimes go on for months at a time. Luckily, here we don’t have those kind of intervals but, still, it can get a bit exhausting at times trying to search for a ridable wave. And since we’re surfers, staying active is part of our lifestyle. So what are we to do when the surf is down? I know for one hitting the trails or around town on a bike is a great way to stay in shape and familiarize yourself with the area. That’s why we’re here to suggest this activity to those not only who surf and are looking for a wholesome outdoors activity, but to others who are simply looking for a way to break a sweat, and see some sights while doing so on a lazy afternoon here in San Diego. So, here are several paths to consider next time you get the inkling to explore the area.

san diego bike paths

Silver Strand Bike Path

The ride spans the length of 9.2 miles from the ferry landing to the Hotel Del, under the Coronado Bridge and past the Navy SEALs training area. You’ll cruise past the quiet sand dunes of Coronado island the and the somewhat quiet town itself, making this a mellow and easy-going ride. Rated as an easy to intermediate bike ride.

san diego bike paths

Lake Miramar Trail

A bit inland you’ll find the Lake Miramar Trial that overall an easy ride as well, measuring a decent 4.9 miles. Markers are visible along the path so you can track your progress around the highly photogenic lake. There’s no rush here. Take in the views, pack a lunch, and the enjoy the afternoon.

Pacific Beach Boardwalk

This will be by far the easiest but most congested ride in the area. However, it is a San Diego favorite. This 6.1 mile ride stretches from North PB all the way down through Belmont Park and ends at Mission Jetty. The best part? You’re never too far away from a local watering hole or lunch spot. So go ahead, take you time, enjoy a beverage, people watch, and be sure to catch the sunset.

san diego bike paths

Mission Bay

Tired of the ocean? Time to check out the bay with this mellow bay-side path that’ll run you northeast to Crown Point or southeast toward Fiesta Island. It’s a great ride, boasting plenty of areas to stop and take in the scenery at one of the many parks. Or if you get a little toasty have a jump in the bay to cool off. Just be sure to bring the essentials. In case you’re not interested in going at it alone Surf You To The Moon now offers Bike Tours through our favorite neighborhood, Pacific Beach. You’ll get the insider’s scoop on the area and make a few friends along way! Join us on our next tour. You definitely don’t want to miss out!