Best Places in San Diego To Go On A Hike

2017-11-22 07:47:10

Living in America’s Finest City certainly has its perks. From the beach to ample craft breweries to a thriving nightlife, San Diego is quite the place to be for people who want to “go and do.” We’re also blessed with amazing scenery. Both at the beach and in the nearby mountains with plenty of residents taking to the hills for a weekend hike. Yet, for those visiting the area, the best hiking trails may be absent from their knowledge base. So, for the sake of spreading stoke and aiding in the excitement and athleticism of others, here’s a brief look at the top areas in San Diego to go on a hike.

san diego hike

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Let’s start at sea level with the Razor Point trial or Guy Fleming trail. Both feature picturesque views of the big blue Pacific Ocean and are generally easy-going and accessible to everyone. Here in the winter months? If so, be on the lookout for Grey Whales, who tend to creep in close to shore during the cooler season. There’s also the Beach Trail that is a bit steeper but grants access to the beach.

The Hike at Cowles Mountain

This trail is definitely one of the more popular in San Diego. Located in the area’s “East County” region, the trail is much more desert-like and can get a bit steep at times. But hey, you’re going to hike to one of the highest points in San Diego. In fact, on a clear day, you can sometimes see clearly all the way down into the valleys. Obviously, the views here are quite picture worthy so make sure you bring a camera.

san diego hike

Iron Mountain Trail

Here’s a bit more of a difficult trail, so it’s definitely recommenced for moderate to advanced hikers in the area. It’s a boulder-lined trail that’s ultra-popular on the weekends. It starts a bit flat but quickly inclines as you reach the eastern mountains. Hard work pays off though in the end as you’ll be rewarded with quite the panoramic vistas upon reaching the peak.

Lake Poway to Mount Woodson

More difficult still, this trail rewards hikers with an opportunity to get a photo atop the famous “potato chip rock” over-looking San Diego. The hike itself is a bit challenging and you should begin early in the day. It begins at Lake Poway and stretches all the way to Mount Woodson. It’s a steep trail with little relief along the way so be sure to pack accordingly. Not to worry, though, the photo op should be worth the exercise.

san diego hike

Double Peak Trail

Beginning at Discovery Lake Park in San Marcos, this trail loops around with various combinations of moderate steepness with restful vistas. It’s generally a bit easier and more user-friendly. And if you stick with the trail to the top, you’ll get to sit atop a 1,644ft summit with a 360 -degree view of the North County area. Be sure to bring the sunscreen, though. Much of the trail has been affected by wildfires over the years, and there is little shade.

Three Sisters Falls Trail

This beast of a trail isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s easily one of the more dangerous and advanced trails in the area. But for those who are experienced and willing to push the limits, it can be a great experience. The trail follows steep inclines and rocky terrain. There are also ropes throughout the course to help those on the hike climb up and down. Both rock and boulder climbing are required skills to make it to Three Sisters Falls. Be careful. Know your limits and bring ample water.