How to Pick Out Your First Surfboard

2017-11-22 07:50:12

Get ready for summer at the beach with these tips for purchasing the right surfboard. Types of boards vary based on skill set and wave quality. And making sure the right board is chosen before you hit the surf ensures you’ll have a fun time in and out of the water. Check out these suggestions for choosing the perfect board to keep you stoked all summer.

beginner surfboard

Based on our experience, we recommend going with a funboard shape, these are ideal for beginners and carry enough buoyancy to get you into waves and standing tall in no time. The following recommendations are in line with this type of board.

Surfboard Length

Length is crucial and will depend greatly on your height. A good rule of thumb here is to keep it a foot and a half taller than you. It’s essential to make sure the height is in order otherwise you may find yourself nosediving on the drop-in and feeling discouraged out in the water.

beginner surfboard


Be sure to go a bit wide with these boards as well. Keep in mind that it’s better to go a little too wide than not wide enough. There is no replacement for displacement, and a wide board will distribute your weight across the board, expanding your center of gravity. Some guidance? Aim for 20-22 inches wide if you are the average size. Of course, you can adjust this depending on your height and weight.


Here’s what most beginners fail to take into consideration. A thick surfboard will float better and, therefore, float you better when you’re standing up. It also makes it easier to paddle and get into waves. So aim for a thickness within the 2 ¼ to 3-inch range depending on your weight.

beginner surfboard

Buying Your SurfBoard

Even though you can practically purchase anything online nowadays, we strongly recommend you give this the good old hands on buyer’s experience. Nothing beats face-to-face interaction in this industry and the local surfers at the shop will be more than happy to give you direct recommendations and advice when buying a board. Remember, we all had to start somewhere with a beginner board, and you really can’t beat solid advice from experienced surfers on beginner board options.
It’s also recommended you take some surf lessons before investing in a new board. It will give you some experience in the water, and you’ll gain some insider tips from an experienced surfer as your guide.
Now get out there and stay stoked!