2017-11-22 07:35:16

It’s the time of year when we all make a commitment do something nice, start a new diet, or sweat it out in the neighborhood gym. On the path to self-improvement, one out of three Americans will create New Year’s Resolutions each January and ….probably fail. Most of us spend the first three weeks of the New Year exercising and competing before promptly forgetting our resolutions entirely.
Why not try something new this year?
Paddle Boarding- helps with balance, reduces stress levels and is a very low impact exercise. Paddle boarding is the perfect family activity that allows you to reconnect with nature. Standup paddle boarding (SUP) requires core stability and leg strength. While keeping stability, you must use your arms and shoulders to propel yourself forwards making this is challenging cardio workout with long term benefits.
Yoga- builds muscle, improves flexibility, and increases self-esteem. Yoga can lead to numerous positive changes in your life. Studies suggest that habitual anger and chronic hostility are as strongly linked to heart attacks as smoking, cholesterol, and diabetes. By taking a positive approach and practicing yoga regularly, you can start to experience feelings of appreciation, empathy, and compassion. As you continue with yoga, you may start to become more aware of where you hold tension and the key to releasing those triggers. A deeper sleep is also suggested to be a by-product of regular yoga practice, preventing irritability, anxiety, and accidents.
Surfing- access to Vitamin D, improved cardiovascular health, and strengthen core muscles. Surfing is a great excuse to be out on the water while simultaneously staying fit and healthy. While it is a recreational activity that offers various health benefits, in California, Hawaii, and Australia surfing has a culture all its own. Paddling out into the surf to catch a wave is a lot of effort and it does a great job of keeping legs, upper body, and core muscles toned. Based on an activity calculator on, a 180-pound person surfing for 30 to 60 minutes can burn as much as 130-260 calories.
Swimming/Snorkeling- utilizes often neglected muscles, may increase brain activity, and increases endurance. Swimming helps your body use oxygen more efficiently, which can help in other exercising activities (such as marathon training). You control every aspect of your work out in the water from pace to intensity, allowing you to do only what you are comfortable and capable of. According to a study by Pain Research and Management, water allows the dulling of some constantly overwhelming bodily sensations that convey calming feelings to our body and mind.
Start off 2017 right with a snorkel tour, surfing lesson, or stand up paddle board to make this the healthiest and happiest year yet!