The Best Hiking Trails of Oahu

2017-11-22 07:44:09

There are some amazing sites to be seen right outside of Waikiki! The island of Oahu was formed over 2 million years ago by two volcanoes: Koolau and Waianae. Between these two mountains you will find some of the best views and hiking spots in the Pacific. Don’t forget your water, hiking boots, and bug spray, but most importantly - your camera!
  1. Kuli’ou’ou Ridge Trail: named as “the easiest of the ridge hikes” by author and hiker Stuart Ball. There’s no shortage of flora along this trail so be sure to bring a plant guide for identification. This mildly difficult 5 mile hike will provide with an extremely rewarding view of the island’s east side.
  2. Lulumahu Falls: the trail head begins right off the Pali, but it’s as though you stepped into another world once you make your way past the threshold. The 3 mile hike through ruins, thick muck, and bamboo forests can easily get you turned around but the 50 foot waterfall is a refreshing finish if you can make it to the end.
  3. Judd Memorial Trail: also known as “Jackass Ginger” Pool because of a donkey and plant incident. The quick 1.5 mile hike will lead you from the Nu’uanu Pali Road to a cool swimming hole surrounded by banyan and mango trees planted by the infamous Charles S. Judd.
  4. Diamond Head Crater: Switch backs and a long dark tunnel will eventually lead you to the old military forts providing a 360 degree view that will take your breath away. After the 2 mile hike, Diamond Head Crater is said to offer some of the longest recorded land views in the world.
  5. Manoa Falls Hiking Trail: Only a short drive north of Honolulu is a hidden oasis called Manoa Falls. The hike is around 2 miles and offers the sweet smell of wild ginger and the accompaniment of a babbling brook as you make your way to the source. Over bridges, through bamboo jungles, and to the 150 foot waterfall we go! With the endless lush scenery, it’s no surprise that scenes from Jurassic Park and the TV show Lost were filmed here.

**Hiking can be very dangerous with many potential hazards. Please be aware that if you decide to hike any of these trails you are doing so at your own risk. Each hiker should know their limits and abilities before trying any of these treks.**