Tips For Safely Taking The Paddle Board Out For a Spin

2017-11-22 07:47:51

There’s nothing more relaxing that taking that paddle board of yours out and about in the late afternoon or morning sunshine. It’s a great way get some exercise and check out the local scenery at the same time. Plus, even if you’re a seasoned paddle boarder, there is always something to learn every time your feet leave the land and plant themselves on the board. And as fun as cruising around on the SUP may be, it certainly pays to be cautious. Nature is a moody force, and being prepared beforehand will ensure you get the most out of every experience.

paddle board San Diego

Check the Weather

Before heading out, be sure to stay up to snuff with current and forecasted weather conditions. In the winter time here in San Diego, especially with El Nino in full force, storms can pop up out of nowhere, and winds can suddenly turn up in a hurry. Especially if you’re out on the open water.

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Wear A Personal Floatation Device

No one is invincible. And it’s always beneficial to wear a personal flotation device. Hanging out on a paddle board all afternoon can be more tiring than you think. Therefore, ensuring your safety in case you get a bit fatigued is more beneficial than you may know. Plus, some areas actually require these devices.

Wear A Leash

Always keep your paddle board near at all times. This seems obvious to most but for some, wearing a leash is too often an afterthought. These are very buoyant boards and if they escape your reach they can cruise off by themselves in a hurry. Avoid putting yourself in such an unnecessary and dangerous situation. Be sure to leash up.

paddle board San Diego

Bring The Right Gear

If you know you’re going to be out on a long paddle, bring some water and a snack. Wearing a simple waterproof pack can be beneficial in ways you wouldn’t think possible until you are without any extra gear. Bring a camera (waterproof of course) food, maybe even a towel if you find a beach along the way. Make it your day of relaxation, but come prepared.

Take a Paddle Board Lesson First

Hesitant about heading off by yourself? If you are unsure of your skill set, it’s definitely advisable to take a lesson or two to put yourself in a level of comfort. Plus, there are certain techniques that will help you along the way and prevent exhaustion. Don’t be shy. Let someone who’s seasoned in this activity give you some insider knowledge.
Follow these tips to ensure a fun and safe paddle board excursion wherever you may live.