Top 5 Places to Stay in Pacific Beach

2017-11-22 07:50:43

As fun as traveling can be for the wandering soul or yearly vacationer, it can get a bit stressful at times. From getting lost to planning activities to delays in transit to even places to stay. And for areas like Pacific Beach, which due to its popularity as a fun and easy-going travel destination, gets kind of busy in the summer months. So much so that without the proper planning or local knowledge you may end up without a place to stay. Don’t put yourself in this position. Take some advice from us, your local surf guides, and check out these places to stay in the area.

Pacific Terrace Hotel

Pacific Beach Hotels

For those looking for their PB high life, look no further than the Pacific Terrace Hotel. Perched atop the sandy bluffs of North Pacific Beach, overlooking the sparkling ocean, Pacific Terrace offers an array of beautiful bedrooms equipped with all the necessities for a relaxing stay. Also offered are a variety of extracurricular activities like bike rentals, massages, and beach equipment rentals. Rooms rent for $300 and up.

Blue Sea Beach Hotel

Pacific Beach Hotels

Situated right on the beach for a little less coin per room is the Blue Sea Beach Hotel. The location offers 120 available rooms and six suites for larger groups with private balconies and up-to-date amenities. Here you can step out of your room and on the beach where sunbathers, surfers and local relax in true California fashion. Rooms start at around $200 per night but can get pricier during the peak season (summer).

Tower 33 Hotel

Pacific Beach Hotels

Who says you can’t have a luxury lodging experience in the middle of Pacific Beach? Tower 33 boasts not only some of the nicest amenities in the area but also one of the best boardwalk restaurants in town conveniently located on the ground floor. Brunch fans? Happy hour fanatics? Or believers in a good early start to the day? Tower 33 has you covered. We could go on about the beauty of this place, but rather suggest you check it out for yourself. Seeing is believing of course. Rooms average $350 and up.

The Beach Cottages

Pacific Beach Hotels

Open since 1948 The Beach Cottages is a real staple of Pacific Beach. Accommodations include both one and two bedroom cottages and hotel rooms that come equipped with all the essentials including coffee maker, TV’s and kitchenettes. The property also comes equipped with multi-purpose patio areas complete with tables, lounges, chairs and umbrellas for your comfort. Prices start at around $100 per night depending on the season.

Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages On Pacific Beach

Pacific Beach Hotels

Looking for an experience like no other during your visit? Why not stay on Crystal Pier? Yes, you read that right. Stay ON the pier. Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages have been owned and operated in Pacific Beach for some time now, and there is nothing like spending your vacation atop a fishing pier. This is the real deal too. You can wake up feeling like you’re on the ocean as waves crash underneath you. Or walk 10 yards get some fishing done. Your choice. And not to worry there’s parking. Also on the pier. In front of your cottage. Rates vary so we suggest checking the website the most up-to-date information.