Top 5 Yoga Studios in Pacific Beach

2017-11-22 07:48:08

Whether you’re just starting out or visiting from out of state, it’s important to know where the better yoga studios are in the Pacific Beach. And now that it seems like you can’t go anywhere without running into a studio (albeit not a bad thing) we’re here to help you through the worrisome process of deciding on a regular studio or just one to keep you up to snuff during your stay. Regardless here are five that we thought were worthy of making this list.

yoga studios pacific beach

Spirit Yoga

Spirit is owned by a former teacher at a separate yoga studio here in Pacific Beach. With more than ten years of teaching under his belt, you’re bound to learn a little something different at every class you attend. Rooms are typically heated to between 90 and 100 degrees. Also, Spirit Yoga offers a few additional perks for those looking for something different. We’re talking Hip Hop, Blacklight classes, candlelight restorative classes, and Yin Yang Flows with light meditation to name a few.
Location: 1559 Garnet Ave Ste. B Sand Diego, CA 92109

yoga studios pacific beach

Bird Rock Yoga

The instructors here at Bird Rock offer a variety of Vinyasa Flow classes in a lightly heated setting that range in length and level of difficulty. Because of this versatility, they welcome students of all skill sets. Also, they host special events such a full moon classes, outdoor beach classes, workshops, as well as teacher training, for those interested in pursuing their passion full time.
Location: 910 Grand Ave San Diego, CA 92109

yoga studios pacific beach

Jade Dragon Yoga Shala

Jade Dragon is owned by a happy couple who’ve been practicing the art far and wide for almost 20 years. They welcome students of any skill set and continually look to help improve their fellow yogis with every class. They also specialize in bodyworks and use massage techniques to free discomforts, injuries and the stresses of everyday life.
Location: 3453 Ingraham St. San Diego, CA 92109

yoga studios pacific beach

Yoga Tropics

Here the name says it all. If you’re looking for hot yoga in a beach environment, then be sure to check out this local studio. In the heated studio, classes cover both Hatha and Vinyasa schools, aimed to cleanse every tissue and organ in your body while improving strength, balance and flexibility. Classes are an hour long, and they encourage students of all skill sets to attend.
Location: 1896 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 92109

yoga studios pacific beach

PB Yoga & Healing Arts

Here’s an option that provides multiples classes for yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, Tai Chi workshops and other healing amenities. The studio was established in 2002 and offers Svaroopa and Hatha 1 & 2. However, you don’t need to be a seasoned yogi to attend. Together, their staff share over 28 years of experience in deep tissue massage. So for anyone interested in taking R&R to the next level on their vacation they should check out this spot
Location: 961 Turquoise St. San Diego, CA 92109
Now for those feeling adventurous, or simply have the appetite for something new and exciting, be sure to check out our Paddleboard Yoga classes on Mission Bay. Surf You To The Moon offers multiple classes a day for fans of all skill sets. Be sure to check out our availability.