What Goes Into a Great Pair of Yoga Pants

2017-11-22 07:48:26

Yogi’s and yoga pants fanatics everywhere can agree that when it comes to the selection of yoga pants out there, it’s a big, big world. There seems to be an endless supply of buyers options for different styles and fits that compliment a variety of purposes. From fashion to the mat, yoga pants are here to stay; it appears the market is only going to continue expanding. But with all the options available out there and materials from which these options are manufactured, how can you decide if the pair you’ve fallen in love with will last? Let’s take a look at the various materials out there in order to help you determine what goes into a great, long lasting pair.

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Cotton-based Yoga Pants

Clearly we’re all familiar with cotton based fabrics. It’s grown rather than manufactured from plastics like synthetic materials and boasts a couple of pros and cons for the wearer. It’s a naturally soft material, so comfort is something that’s a plus for cotton-based yoga pants. They’re also resistant to pilling, though if they do form, cotton easily sheds them. However, cotton isn’t as breathable as synthetics, increasing body heat and sweat. Cotton is also notorious for fading, which means that bright floral pattern may not last very long in the wash.

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Synthetic Yoga Pants

There are a multitude of synthetic fibers used in the manufacturing of yoga pants. The most common ones though include polyester, nylon, and spandex. Also, you’ll probably come across terms such as “Lycra spandex” or “Supplex nylon.” These are specific fabric trademarks. Synthetics feature several perks over cotton such as moisture wicking properties and resistance to pilling. Their flexible nature also provides synthetics with higher shape retention. However, they don’t handle sweat very well and can start to smell after prolong exposure to perspiration, and since they come from plastic, synthetic yoga wear won’t be as soft as their cotton counterparts.

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Cotton-Synthetic Blends

Recently brands have tried to marry these two materials in hopes of pooling the positives from each while eliminating the negatives. In tangible terms, a pair that combines the feel of cotton with the moisture-resistant and breathable properties of synthetics. However, after reading some reviews and conducting our own case studies we found that the blends wore out quickly. However, the materials are always improving and will continue to improve as the interest in yoga develops further in the coming years.

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Synthetic Yoga Pants As The Best Option

Based on what we’ve discovered, yoga pants built from synthetic materials work best at ventilating your moisture and drying after a workout, which of course are two key points to consider if you want to remain comfortable in class. And because these fabrics are shrink resistant, you’re able to stretch them without worry about your favorite pair losing its shape. Sound intriguing? Be sure to check out our Surf You To The Moon Brazilian yoga pants line. They're bright, colorful and, most of all, long-lasting and comfortable.