Maui Downhill Summit Sunrise Haleakala Bike Tour


Witnessing the sunrise at 10,023 feet and then biking down Haleakala Volcano is one of the most spectacular things you can ever do on Maui. The Summit Sunrise Tour, an 8-9 hour Haleakala bike tour, is entirely incredible. It includes transportation to and from your hotel, sunrise at the highest spot on Maui, a guided tour of the National Park from the volcano’s summit, a bike ride down the west slope, a breakfast or lunch stop in Hali’imaile (the meal is not included in the tour price), and finally, an educational van tour from the town of Pukalani all the way to the ocean!

Maui Downhill first opened its Haleakala bike tour company in 1984, and it is the oldest company of its kind on the island. Speaking of age, the oldest rocks on Haleakala that are above sea level have been estimated to be over nine hundred and ten thousand years old! During your guided volcano tour, you’ll see the truly unusual landscape both within and around the huge crater that is large enough to encompass Manhattan! Cinder cones, igneous rock, ash, and red earth describe just a bit of the expanse you’ll see before you. In addition, you’ll visit two endemic and endangered species: the Haleakala Silversword (‘ahinahina) plant, and the Hawaiian goose, usually called the nene. You’ll also take in the Visitors Center before you descend to 6,500 feet and hop on the bike!

You’ll experience the unique thrill of sailing down the volcano on a bicycle—the Maui trade winds caressing your face, the farms and local stores on both sides, and the magnificent views of two different coastlines before you. You’ll ride down 21 curves, pedaling for just 200 yards total, and watching all the life and weather along this gorgeous road. There are pine trees and eucalyptus forests, and farms that grow exclusively flowers. You’ll also see plenty of birds, sheep, cows, and horses on your way! Everything you need for your Haleakala bike tour will be provided, including a special volcano riding mountain bike, a helmet, and wet weather gear if necessary.

After your outstanding trip down the mountain, you will pause in Hali’imaile for a delicious meal. And finally, you will have a second guided tour (this time in a van) all the way from Pukalani Town to the sea. You will hear all about the days of sugar cane and pineapple in Hawaii, which is an amazing story. (Be sure to ask your knowledgeable guide about the history of the ukulele.)

I’d say it’s time to book a seat on Maui Downhill’s Haleakala Bike Tour, wouldn’t you?


Spend quality time with Maui’s dormant volcano on this fun and challenging tour of Haleakala. Witness the sunrise, bike the volcano, and more!

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