San Diego Whale Watching


Our year-round list of whale and wild life viewing includes, the gray whale migration during the winter and spring months and the giants of the sea, the blue and finback whales during the summer and fall months. Be sure to have your camera set to panoramic to capture images of giant blue whales and the annual gray whale migration. Finback, Minke, Humpback, and even Killer whales can be viewed onboard The Cloudia’s 4 hour whale watching tours. A favorite of families that sail with us always includes the many species of playful dolphin, such as the giant Risso’s and common dolphin which are seen regularly. Megapods of a thousand or more common and bottlenose dolphin unique to Southern California can also be on our visitor list!  Sea lions, and all types of other marine life can also be discovered.


One of the few places in the world that offer year-round whale watching opportunities is the coastline of San Diego and Orange County. As you take your first step onto The Cloudia you will step back in time, into “an old-world vessel feel”

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